Gia Anh Stainless Steel’s manufacturing factory is called Gia Anh Hung Yen Company Limited. The factory was established in 2004 with an area of ​​55,000 square meters located in Trung Hung commune, Yen My district, Hung Yen province.
The factory currently has 400 – 450 officers and employees working in 9 specialized areas: Raw material storage area (1); rolling – tempering area (1); ice cutting area (1); cyclone production area (2); polishing and packaging area (1); stainless steel wire production area (1); finished products area (2). All of these production areas are invested in modern equipment and machinery with more than 120 lines imported from abroad. Thanks to that, stainless steel products under the Gia Anh brand have high quality and beautiful designs, bringing absolute satisfaction to customers.

The stainless steel production process at Gia Anh is completely closed with specific steps as follows: High quality raw materials are imported directly from Indonesia, China and a number of other markets. After that, the raw materials are put into the rolling machine to create billets with the thickness according to the order, go through the process of softening, slitting and then transferring to the cyclone. In the winding machines, the strips will be molded, bent, straightened, welded, ground, and cut into products with a length of 6m or according to customer requirements. After that, the product will be polished (for decorative goods) or soaked in acid, surface cleaned (for industrial goods) and packaged and then transferred to the finished product warehouse.

Gia Anh’s stainless steel products are produced with strict, rigorous processes and quality checks, meeting international standards ISO 9001:2015, ASTM A312 (USA), A554 (USA) before being delivered to customers. consumers. The company has a fleet of 7 vehicles, always operating at full capacity to quickly transport stainless steel products to all customers nationwide. The company’s team of technicians and after-sales support staff are ready to listen and help fix product errors enthusiastically and quickly. This is highly appreciated by customers.

The factory has a fleet of 7 vehicles that operate continuously to deliver products to all parts of the country. With the working motto: fast – efficient – dedicated service, customers only need to pick up the phone to call to place an order, even if the order is in small quantity, we will immediately deliver the product to your door, guaranteed. Serve customers in the best way.

The factory also arranges a clean, airy cafeteria and ensures food safety and hygiene for officials and employees working here. Meal quality is always emphasized, full of nutrition and variety of dishes every day.

Besides production, we are also very concerned about environmental protection. The factory has built a modern wastewater treatment system that meets standards, ensuring the water source from the factory to the environment is safe for people’s health and living creatures.