1: Human resources team 

Gia Anh Stainless Steel Group has nearly 100 office employees and more than 500 production employees in 3 branches. Gia Anh’s staff has high professional qualifications and up to 30 years of work experience.

Inox Gia Anh always focuses on training its staff to hone their expertise as well as improve their skills, continuously updating advanced management and production trends. Therefore, Gia Anh Stainless Steel Group always meets all the strict requirements of all customers, while proactively adapting to all fluctuations in the domestic and foreign stainless steel market.

Scale production

2: Factory area

GIA ANH INOX ‘s manufacturing factory was established in 2004 with the name Gia Anh Hung Yen Company Limited. The factory is located in Trung Hung commune, Yen My district, Hung Yen province.

The factory has an area of ​​up to 55,000 m2, including 9 specialized areas:

  • 1 Raw material storage area 
  • 1 Rolling and incubation area 
  • 1 Ice cutting area 
  • 2 Cyclone production area 
  • 1 Polishing and packaging area
  • 1 Stainless steel wire production area 
  • 2 Finished products area 

3: Production line 

Stainless Steel Gia Anh’s factory has 102 production lines, including: 

  • 75 decorative stainless steel production lines (tubes, boxes).
  • 12 industrial stainless steel production lines.
  • 15 stainless steel wire production lines.

4: Machinery and equipment 

INOX GIA ANH also invests in a large number of modern machines to serve production: 

  • 80 decorative wind machines 
  • 12 industrial cyclones 
  • 23 box polishing machines 
  • 7 round polishing machines
  • 2 incubation furnaces 
  • 2 forklifts 
  • 7 crane trucks (5-20 tons) 

5: Output 

GIA ANH INOX’s output provides the market with 60 thousand -70 thousand tons per year. In particular, the polishing productivity is from 50 – 70 tons per day.